Image of La Fontegara Amsterdam

La Fontegara Amsterdam

Saskia Coolen ·  Peter Holtslag ·  Han Tol


La Fontegara Amsterdam was founded in 1980 and ceased to excist in 2000, when the trio played its farewell-concert in Amsterdam.

In the late 1970’s, the members studied the recorder in Amsterdam, obtaining their diploma’s „cum laude“.

With forming La Fontegara Amsterdam, they worked on and succeeded in developing a highly individual and original style of performance, presentation and programming, never shying away from original arrangements and the use of theatrical effects.

The trio played hundreds of concerts in leading concert halls all over Europe as well as in the US and recorded for radiostations like National Radio (US), BBC (London), WDR (Köln), NOS (Amsterdam) &c.

Highly acclaimed CDs were made for the Globe label.

On popular demand, the three musicians decided to get together for a one-off concert tour once more. In February and March 2009, the group travelled The Netherlands, Germany, Austria and the Far East.